Welcome to Shine Carpet!

Shine Carpet is committed to customer’s satisfaction. To achieve it, we recognize that our most important resources is our people. After all they are the ones that ensure your premises are clean, healthy and well maintained.

Our Success hinges on providing highly trained staffs and a dedicated, experienced management team to lead them. We constantly seek out new products, technologies and processes to improve operations, increase efficiency and decrease costs that can be passed onto our Customers.

We are committed to responsible cleaning and conservation by working with our Customers in waste reduction and recycling programs. Furthermore, we make it a policy to use only the safest and least hazardous materials possible. In short, Shine Carpet provides dedicated Staff, experienced management, innovation in product and service delivery that lowers customers cost and maintenance that respects our environment.

Wide Range of Cleaning Services :

Office Cleaning Services
Household Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Service
Aircon Maintenance Services
Ad-hoc Spring Cleaning Services
Moving in/ Out office or House Cleaning Services
Waste Disposal Services